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5 Reasons Why You Want to Have a Mexican Wife

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Having been married to a Mexican girl for the best part of 17 years, I guess that I am lucky enough to be a bit of an authority on the subject. Mexican girls are a lot different to other nationalities, and I guess I could think of a 100 or more reasons why you would want to marry one. However, I have decided to give you only the best five reasons, as I am sure that when you have finished reading them, you will want to check out a Mexican for yourself.

No.1 Mexican wives make the best mothers in the world. If you are big on children, then you would not go far wrong in choosing a Mexican girl to marry. Mexicans are very protective and caring towards their children, and are 100% responsible in all aspects of motherhood. Bad Mexican mothers are seldom heard of in Mexico, making this the top reason why you would want to choose one for a wife.

No.2 If you are looking for a loyal and obedient wife, choose a Mexican. Mexican wives have always been depicted in the movies as being loyal and submissive creatures, which I guess is true in many respects. Mexican girls are more understanding and forgiving than other nationalities, but do not think that they will accept any abuse, as most tend to show an extremely mean character when in such situations.

No.3 Every woman can find their way to a man’s heart through his stomach, but until you have tasted a Mexican’s cooking, you have not sampled good food. Most Mexican girls are taught to cook by their mothers at a very young age, making them excellent cooks by the time they get married. Country girls tend to cook in a more traditional manner, and therefore their cooking is probably even a little better.

No.4 They say that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” but really you would have to be blind not to notice how beautiful many Mexican girls really are. Mexican girls are now considered to be among the most beautiful girls in the world, with Mexico having either won, or having been runners-up to Miss Universe or Miss World, on 29 occasions. Mexicans are equally as beautiful on the inside, as they are on the outside.

No.5 Mexican girls have the reputation of being hot-blooded creatures, which is another appealing quality for the many who are married to one. As highly sexed partners, they are always willing to please, which helps most Mexican wives live up to the reputation as being “hot,” and therefore they make excellent sexual partners. A Mexican girl will not only be your wife, but your girlfriend and lover too.

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