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Important: Please read the details below before joining.

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How Works

If you're an expat who writes in English, you can sign up for a free blog and join the community.

While you will have your own blog, ExpatBlogs is different in that this site works more like a "magazine of blogs." In other words, you will have your own section on the site, but the content you write will often be intermingled with the content of others.

So in that way, you can think of it as having your own column in a magazine full of other columnists (i.e. it's a kind of "magazine of blogs").

Another way to think of it is like YouTube. On YouTube, people have their own channels, but their videos are also intermingled with others' videos in many areas of the site.

Why a Magazine of Blogs?

The goal of is to create a community of bloggers all writing about their expat experiences together. There are three main ways this will benefit you.

  • It will help keep you motivated when your mojo lags.
  • It will bring you more readers and interaction.
  • It will inspire you and help you when you're wrestling with the ins and outs of blogging.

We'll take a look at each of those in more detail below.

1. Staying Motivated

These days, there are tons of places where you can get a free blog. The problem with these places, however, is that once you sign up to one, you're on your own.

Probably the #1 problem most bloggers face over time is the loss of motivation. (How many abandoned blogs have you seen?)

When you're part of an active community, you're much more likely to keep your motivation.

There are numerous invisible ways the ExpatBlogs community will help keep you motivated, but there are also a number of very practical ways too. Some of these include the following:

  • A private forum for bloggers where you can exchange ideas, get feedback, and simply interact with others who have similar interests
  • Tips and strategies for improving your posts and drawing in more readers
  • Weekly blog themes that anyone in the community can write about
  • More readers than you would likely have if you were on your own

2. More Readers and Interaction

Mentioned above in the motivation section is the point that you will likely see more visitors to your blog if you're part of the community. There are several reasons for this.

  • We will help promote your posts on social media and through advertising (as long as they're quality posts, of course).
  • When a visitor finds through a fellow blogger's post, because of the "magazine" style of the site, there's a chance they will then find your posts too. (Again, think of the YouTube model.)
  • As the community grows and the reputation of the site increases, the number of visitors coming to the site will also increase, leading to many more readers than you'd likely get on a solo blog.

While more readers is often a key factor in keeping you motivated, even with lots of readers, many bloggers still eventually lose motivation for a while. When this happens, they stop posting, and eventually their traffic begins to dry up. Getting it back is not always easy.

With the community of bloggers at ExpatBlogs blogging away day and night, taking some time off when you need it is not going to hurt you. The site will keep pumping away while you're gone, and when you're ready to return, you can jump back into the stream as if you'd never left.

3. Wrestling with the Ins and Outs of Blogging

Another way ExpatBlogs will help you is by helping you write better posts.

As mentioned before, you will have access to a private forum for bloggers where you can get and give feedback. Even the best of writers find it valuable to run ideas by others.

We will also provide you with a number of time-tested tips and strategies to make your posts better and help get you more readers.

Knowing you have a trusted place to go with any issues that might crop up can be a great stress reliever.

The Fine Print in Large Text

Unfortunately these days, it's often the case that when you sign up for a site, they put some of the most important information into the fine print that no one reads.

We want to avoid that, and so below are some important points that you may want to take note of. There is a more detailed version of the terms of service linked to from the sign up page.


Who Owns My Content?

In short, you own your content. If you would like to take your content and move it to a blog of your own, you can do that. Your content is yours.

We use the WordPress blogging software, and so if you would like to take your content to another system, we will download an XML file of your content and send it to you. You will then be able to upload that file to any system that will accept such a file.


If you decide to take your content to another site, we will redirect your posts to another section of For example, if you write a blog titled "Making It in Madrid," we will redirect all your posts to the general Spain section of In this way, none of your posts will be shown publicly on once you move on to another site.

HOWEVER, if we have used some parts of your content in social media or advertising or on another section of, then we reserve the right to continue using that content.

For example, we will often use images and excerpts from posts on social media. We do this in order to help drive traffic to your blog. If we have done this with an image and excerpt of yours, rather searching out and taking down our social media posts, we reserve the right to continue using that content in that manner.

In a similar way, we may use an image from a blogger's post in a gallery of images from many different blogs. Again, the goal of this tactic is to drive visitors to your blog. If you take your content elsewhere, we reserve the right to continue using your image in that way.

When you sign up for a blog here, you are agreeing to these stipulations. If you have any issues with this, please refrain from signing up for a blog.

TRANSFER YOUR CURRENT BLOG: Along those same lines, if you currently have a blog on another platform such as or Blogger, you can transfer your content to Just get in touch with us.

PLEASE NOTE: If you transfer your content from another site, we will ask you to remove your content from that site. We would like to make sure that content on does not exist elsewhere.

We Reserve the Right to Edit or Delete Your Content reserves the right to edit your posts or delete them outright. Usually, of course, this will not happen.

We aren't in the business of censoring, and frankly, it's a pain to do it. But if it seems necessary to preserve the integrity of the site or the community, then we may do it.

Here are a few things to take note of:

  • No commercial posts. You can link to sites you're associated with in your profile provided they don't violate our guidelines; however, if you attempt to commercially promote other sites or products in your posts, you will be banned immediately. No affiliates links are allowed anywhere.
  • No copyright infringement. If you do not own something you are posting or do not have explicit permission to use it, then it's better not to post it. Do not infringe on others' copyright protection.
  • No hate speech, pornography, excessive profanity, etc. If you are unsure about whether something is OK or not, please choose to err on the side of caution.
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